Friday, September 23, 2011


Before I let too much time get away from me here is a quick update in pictures. As always hope to be better next time!


June 2011

Allie turned one-June 10th

June 20111

Some summer fun

June 20112

Dollywood 2011!


July 2011

Trip to Utah


August 2011

More Utah

August 20111

Eli turned 3-August 7th

August 20112

More summer fun


September 2011

and some more

So there you have it a 4 month update.  Eli and Allie are getting so grown up. Allie is starting to talk a ton! Life has been fun with these 2 kiddos. Troy is still on the job search… can’t wait till that’s over!!! Anyone know anyone hiring please let us know. I have really been working on finding joy in the everyday little moments of life. Instead of saying, “I will be Happy when…” it is hard to always keep that mind set but when I do things are a lot more enjoyable!!

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