Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Way over due...

Once again I let too much time go by between updating. There has been alot going on over the past two months so I will just do a quick recap with some pictures.
The beginning of March we headed off to Utah to visit Troy's family. It was so much fun to spend time with everyone and get away from normal everyday life. Eli loved playing with his cousin Hunter.
At the Zoo in Salt Lake

Playing at the Park in Utah.

There is a park next to Troy's parents' house that we would walk to when we were dating. The pic on the left is soon after we got engaged and the one on the right is from our trip...being pregnant I didn't even try to squeeze myself into the tunnel.

Easter!!! The annual Easter egg hunt at my parents' house

The advantages of having a tall daddy

Eli LOVED finding the eggs and putting them in his basket. He still walks around the house with his basket trying to find whatever he can to put in it

Easter morning...he loved his bubbles and chocolate bunny even though he thought it was more of a toy than candy.

Other than that we have been enjoying the warm weather...finally!! Troy is as always busy with work and school. I am about 30 weeks now so almost the home stretch which lasts FOREVER. I don't know if I rather deal with being uncomfortable or learning how to be a mom of 2!Eli is getting bigger which means alot more active. He loves to be on the go and rarely will sit still. He is talking a ton...even though Troy and I may be the only ones that understand him. Yes he can be a handful but he sure makes things fun around here!!