Monday, August 30, 2010

Allie Update

I cannot believe she is already over 11 weeks old! The most exciting news is that she is no longer on her monitor! We were beyond thrilled when we took her to the doctor for her 2 month check-up and they gave us the good news. It is like a whole new world leaving the house without her monitor and the diaper bag and the carrier and trying to hold Eli's hand. I love it!!! She is doing so good. I cannot say enough good things about what a great baby she is. She is so mellow. She sleeps about 7 hours a night only to wake up eat and go right back to sleep. She is starting to smile ALOT and make noises. I have been horrible with trying to get video of it I do have a small clip on my phone not the best quality so hopefully I will have a better one soon. (Sorry I tried to upload the video and for some reason it wouldn't work :( It is VERY cute though)Eli loves "his Allie" and already is really protective of her. When I took her to the doctor he did NOT like it when she was getting examined. Thank goodness for the nice nurses to take him out of the room during her shots. I hope to get some more pictures of her up soon. I don't know about you but I can't get enough of her!!

Her 2 months stats are:

11 lbs. 8 oz

23.5 inches

This has been our making dinner routine. It doesn't last long before Eli starts "playing" with her so I have to cook quick. But it is cute to watch them interact.

Now if you have ever come in contact with Eli you know he is somewhat obsessed with Toy Story especially Buzz. The other day I found him sharing all his Toy Story toys with Allie. If this is not love I don't know what is!!!

Once again

What a month! Once again I start a post by saying it has been too long and having to play catch up. As always the easiest way to do this is by pictures. Most of these (ok all of these) are from the beginning of the month when Troy's family came into town from Utah. It was so much fun seeing everyone especially watching Eli and Hunter play together. They immediately got along great like they saw each other everyday. We loved the visit and miss ya'll already!!

This picture is out of order but is to prove that Allie was there to take apart of all the festivities too!
On August 7th Eli turned 2!! We started talking about the big day about a month before to try and get him excited. He loved waking up to a room full of balloons. We hid his present in our closet waiting to give it to him that night, however, he seemed like he knew right where to go that morning finding it right away!

One of the few family pictures we have taken since Allie was born.

A little flash back from his birthday last year.

Eli loved his car cake, he still talks about it. When it was time to blow out his candles he decided he much rather take a bite of the kit-kat spoiler instead.

Coolidge Park. Eli and Hunter had a blast in the fountains. Those boys were too much fun to watch.

Discovery Museum. I haven't been there in forever and was so glad we went. There was so much stuff to explore!
Aquarium. As always Eli loves anything that you could see in Finding Nemo. This trip his favorite was the Sting Ray.

We blessed Allie on the 8th. We were so grateful for all the family the were able to attended.
(more pics of her blessing day to come)