Wednesday, October 20, 2010

picture update...

1st UGA game of the season
She is actually wearing Eli's old jersey, we had to make sure she had a big flower in her hair so everyone would know she was a girl

Love it!

Eli when he is the happiest, watching Toy Story

While at my parent's house we found an old Woody costume Eli of course had to borrow it

We decided to get a membership to the Discovery Museum this year We don't have a picture of it but as of now Eli's favorite part is watching all the bees up by the tower

Such a big girl

Wishes he could still play

They already play so well together

Don't you love the drool

pretty girl

It may not show it in the picture but Eli is crazy about his Uncle Jordan. Jordan, or I should say Elder Owens left to on his mission today. We told Eli that he left on a plane but he is too young to understand. We sure are going to miss him but so proud of his decision to serve.

--Allie turned 4 months on the 10th Her stats are:
14 lbs
24.5 inches long
I also forgot to put Eli's 2 year stats they are:
30.4 lbs
34 inches long


For the last little while I have had the goal to run a half marathon. Last Saturday I was finally able to check it off my list. Was I crazy for running 13.1 miles....yes! Training was rough with Troy's BUSY schedule of work, school, studying and church (he is the YM pres.) and with the days getting shorter and with two little ones at home. But after 2 hours 3 mins and 57 seconds I did it!!! Don't know how exactly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


No this is not the much needed update just a little something that happened that I have to remind myself yes this is all worth it.

So Eli is starting to take fewer and fewer naps. I lay him down the same time everyday with the same routine and sometimes he sleeps sometimes he doesn't. That is a whole separate post on how much I NEED his nap time and am seriously not happy with the fact that they may be coming to an end.

Today was one of those days where he was in his bed but not asleep. While I am feeding Allie I hear, "Momma I poop." yay. Finish feeding Allie and then hear, "Mess!!." Hurry and put Allie in her swing and open Eli's door. You know when the first thing you see is a messy diaper on the floor it is a bad sign. It is EVERYWHERE!!! Including all over him!! Fun. I don't even know where to start because he has thrown it all over his room...Oh and by the way just this morning I put new clean sheets on his beds for the millionth time this week.

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Sorry no pics for this post didn't want to gross you out and plus locating the camera was the last thing on my mind :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I promise I am going to try and update soon but until then.... how can you not smile too?