Friday, April 17, 2009

Laugh until you cry

Tonight when I was starting to get Eli's dinner ready I was interrupted by this. I was glad to have the video camera close by. Now what you may ask was so hilarious? I was trying to kill a fly with a pot holder. I would of laughed to. Oh and he really did almost start to cry...he had tears! It was too funny!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I think Eli really enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt. Being outside and playing with things that resembled a ball, who could ask for more.

Instead of having a basket full of candy the Easter Bunny left Eli a basket full of plastic eggs. Which he could not get enough of. He literally sat there for almost an hour playing.

Overall we did have a really good Easter. Most importantly it was very humbling to be able to reflect on the true meaning this time of year has. How grateful we are for our Savior and how blessed we are to know that He has Risen!

We hope that everybody enjoyed their Easter weekend.
I Know we are not too Springy in our outfits, we actually didn't even plan on matching either.

--Oh a little update so Eli is FINALLY sleeping better at night and taking naps but now he doesn't want to eat anything...I know another phase!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Update time again...

I guess it is time for another update. I was getting so good at posting semi-regularly, oh well. On April the 7th Eli turned 8 months. He is getting so big and smart. It is so much fun to see him starting to understand the world around him a little better. Here is a little update on him.

He is SO close to crawling. He will lunge at his toys while he is sitting up and just when you think he is going to take off he pushes himself to just sit up again. He does scoot backwards though. Which actually gets him pretty frustrated because he gets farther from his toys than closer. When on his stomach Eli can push himself to change his direction but that's about it. He babbles all day long. Of course his favorite is da-da-da (why is that with babies when usually their dads are gone all day) He did make the ma sound for a few days then went back to da. He loves just about everything I feed him. What can I say he is definitely a boy. He LOVES to be outside. Or even just looking out the window makes him happy. Bath time is always exciting. He would probably stay in there for hours if I let him. I really can't wait to take him swimming. Eli tries to pull himself up on anything around him. I wish I could say that he was sleeping better. He has started to take somewhat better naps. But it really varies from day to day. Yesterday though he did take two pretty long naps so I guess there is still hope. I tell myself it is just teething....still no teeth though. Eli loves to bang anything I give him to play with. Even his head on the wall/floor/church pue. He thinks its funny...crazy kid. He waves and claps not on demand of course. He actually claps with his feet more than his hands.

Overall things here are going pretty well. Besides the unseasonably cold weather we had this past week we are all really excited for Spring time to FINALLY be here! Troy is busy as ever with the semester getting ready to come to an end. Then I believe he has maybe a day or two break before he starts again in the summer. I got a new church calling second counselor in the Relief Society. Let's just say it will definitely be a growing experience. Next post I will try to include a video so everyone can really see how Eli is growing.

Scooting backwards

Pulling himself up

Looking outside. This is by far is my new favorite discovery. I usually can get quite a bit done.