Monday, January 4, 2010

Has it really been that long?

I can't believe that we haven't posted anything since Halloween!! We are long overdue for a quick update. One of the main reasons for not posting in a awhile is due to the fact that....

I'm pregnant!!!!

Crazy I know!!! i am excited but I think I am more nervous thinking about having two than I was with Eli. I am 16 weeks...due on June 20th. I wish I could say things are great and I feel fabulous but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I don't know what it is but this pregnancy is 100% different than when I was pregnant with Eli. I have never felt more nauseous in my life. It is starting to get a little better instead of being all day it is now mainly at night and after I eat...and when I need to eat...ok maybe still all day!

Eli is more active than ever. He climbs on anything and everything!!!! Our kitchen table chairs are no longer at the table. He opens doors and thinks it is funny to go where he is not supposed to go. He also is talking a ton. I think my favorite new word is "peas" (please). It is too cute. He LOVES Toy Story. All day long its "Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz" with the occasional "Woody." He is a handful but at the same time so much fun!!
Sadly I haven't taken too many pictures these past couple months. Here is a few to show what we've been up too:
Always on the go!!
Like I said he loves Toy Story. (This was before he got his Buzz for Christmas)
Some people need their coffee before they can start the day. Eli needs his milk. Let's just say he wasn't too happy Christmas morning until he had his

Troy's parents came into town the week after Christmas. Eli loved the constant attention and got very spoiled while they were here. When we went to the aquarium he loved the "mo" (Nemo) fish.

We have tried to get a few pictures of his recent climbing accomplishments, second shelf in the pantry, on top of the table without a chair, on the desk...but we aren't quick enough or have to stop him from jumping off, maybe next time.