Friday, October 23, 2009

First Haircut and alittle extra

Not by choice a couple weeks ago Eli had his first hair cut. It was getting so long that in the front it would be constantly getting in his eyes, nose and even his mouth when he ate. We couldn't just trim the front because people would think he was a little girl. The lady who cut it tried to leave some curl which I love. It is funny how a first haircut can turn a baby into a toddler. He is growing up so fast!!!


He did alright. Well let's be honest it wasn't his favorite thing to do.


Eli is learning alot of new words. His new favorite is blue. Yes just like every other momma out there I think my baby is a genius. I probably shouldn't add that everything is blue. He did say yellow once though, I have witnesses.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few pictures...

Here are a few pics to show what we have been up to lately....

I was so excited that one of my good friends Andrea came for a visit. It was so much fun watching our kids play together. I think they had a blast. Andrea ya'll have to come back soon!!!

Eli puts anything and everything on his head like a hat...he thinks he is so funny when he does, its hilarious to watch him laugh at himself.
Last Friday Eli went to his first Ringgold game of the season. He actually did a lot better than I thought. What can I say he was born a football fan.

As mentioned already Eli loves to put anything on his head. For about 30 minutes he climbed on and off the laundry basket...crazy kid!
~alittle side I thought that I would try and be a good mom and instead of telling Eli something is mine when he is getting into somebody's stuff I would say "That's mamma's" or "That daddy's" well since let's be honest its pretty much just me and Eli I noticed I was saying "that's mamma's" alot. Eli noticed too. Now if there is something that he wants he doesn't point to it and say Mine he says "mammas" so to all those we pass at the grocery store with their buggies full a things a one year old would love to get his hands on, no he is not calling you mamma he just wants your stuff. (atleast I hope he's not:)