Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update time...

We are way over due for an update. This past month has been pretty busy. The weekend of Eli's birthday Troy's parents came into town on business. we had a lot of fun spending time with them and were able to meet up with them in Kentucky for some more fun. The day before we went to Kentucky we moved into another apartment. I know prefect timing. It was a little hectic for awhile but we are all settled in and finally adjusting to living on the other side of town. Troy has started another semester which means he is gone a lot :( He also got a new calling in the Young Men's Presidency which he has really enjoyed. Eli is growing up more and more everyday. It is going too fast! He has definitely entered the toddler stage of life with getting more independent which also translates into being more stubborn (I wonder where he gets that from:) He is such the talker to anybody else it is just babbling but when you are with him 24/7 it starts making sense. Yes juice, shoe, and Jesus all sound very close to the same. As well as blocks, books, and, ball but I know what he means well some of the time. He is always asking, "what's that?" At his year check up last month he weighed 24 lbs and was 30 inches tall, even though he feels like alot more. And his greatest accomplishment this past month....He is FINALLY walking!! It is so cute to watch him get his balance and go. He is starting to get pretty fast and is everywhere. I still can't believe I have a little boy that walks. we still haven't gotten a new camera so please don't be too critical of the poor quality of pictures or lack thereof. I hate not having a camera and HOPE we get one very soon!!!

I meant to post this on his birthday, just a little something to show how much he has grown this past year

(make sure you sound is on)


This picture is mainly to show his hair. It is starting to curl around his ears. I know I probably need to cut it soon but I think it is adorable.

Eli loves Pixar movies. Right now its Monsters. He doesn't sit through the whole thing but it is nice to have 10-15 mins of quite.

I know this maybe alittle long but I wanted to get some of Eli walking/talking. Sorry for the poor quality its hard to video tape with a 1 year old trying to grab the camera the whole time.

( I left his squeekers in his shoes just for you Elizabeth:)

Just thought this was cute