Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I’ll Help


Eli loves to help Allie. Well when she ate all her Cheerios he thought he would help get her some more. Such a good big brother.

Ignore Allie’s wonderful bedhead.

Where’s Eli?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I can not believe it I am actually going to post something that happened this weekend. We had my family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt today. It is fun now Eli is older and understanding more of what’s going on.

April 20111

We went to my sister Kathryn’s house to dye Easter eggs

April 2011

Maybe one day I will actually be able to get a picture of both of them smiling and looking in the same direction.

April 20112

Eli hunting for eggs

April 20113

Allie enjoying her eggs


Our attempt for a family picture

Friday, April 8, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Has it really been that long??

I guess it has…well there goes starting the year off with blogging more. Things around here have been I guess what is our normal…crazy!

Allie - I cannot believe she is almost 10 months old (she will be on April 10th) I think with each child time goes even faster. She started crawling back in January when she was 7 months and is now everywhere and into everything. She will eat anything you give her and is starting to hate being spoon fed. She loves to feed herself and makes a huge mess doing it. Allie still is always all smiles. She has a special way to make you smile too just by looking at her which is exactly what I need on some days. She is starting to really show her personality by letting you know if there is something going on she doesn’t like. But overall she is the most mellow baby I know even when Eli is throwing one of his all too common fits she just sits there like nothing is going on. On a negative note this little girl is a horrible sleeper. Still waking up 1-3 times a night and her naps aren’t that great either. Every now and then we will have a good day but mostly we are still living on very little sleep around here. Some other highlights, she got her first tooth 2 weeks ago and is walking along the furniture, oh she also will drive Eli’s cars and make what sounds like car noises, too cute. She is one happy little girl 

9 month stats weight 18.4  height 27 3/4

Eli- where to begin with that boy. He is the sweetest little guy but then can throw your typical 2 year old tantrum like the best of them. He is starting to want to do everything by himself which is good and bad. He still loves everything Toy Story. Even though the other day he told me he wanted to be Megamind for halloween. This week we started the dreaded potty training. It is going ok he still will have accidents but slowly getting the hang of it. (ok it is pretty much horrible but I feel like now that we started we can’t stop) I was just tired of buying and changing 2 sets of diapers. Eli wears me out pretty much everyday but it is all worth it to have him old enough to say “I love you momma”

Troy –still busy busy busy. We can now officially say he graduates next month…yay!! Between work, school, and church he is always on the go. But when he is home he is the best daddy ever. Eli and Allie love wrestling on the floor with him, Yes Allie can already handle her own I guess that is what you get when you have an older brother. Right now we are trying to figure out what we are doing after graduation so if you know anyone that has an entry level accounting position available let us know.

Steph- well pretty much my days roll together taking care of these two munchkins. Crazy. Tiring, But all worth it. At least that is what I keep on reminding myself. I really am trying hard to having a more positive outlook and not taking any moment for granted. It is hard when you are always cleaning up pee or considered the bad guy because you are trying to show some type of discipline.Or when you are always being pulled at or climbed on.  Or when you can’t remember the last time you showered. Or it is dinner time and you realized you haven’t even taken time to use the bathroom yet. But then I have those its all worth it moments. Like the other day Eli was “reading” a book to Allie. Or when all four of us where having a pillow fight on the bed. Yes life is hard but isn’t that why it is also so good.

Here are some pictures of the last few months. Sad to say but I feel like I have completely fallen into the category of slacking off with the second child.  Compared to all the video we have of Eli we barely have any of Allie. Horrible I know. I do have some of her crawling and her cute little laugh that I will hopefully get up before she turns 1.

December 2010

Christmas 2010





December 20101 - Copy

Snow on Christmas…Eli knocking over the girl snowman…sorry Emily.






January 20111

New Years, Letting Eli and Allie in on the confetti tradition




March 20111






What Eli has been up to this last little while…being his crazy self!January 2011





Allie has discovered she loves the swings only if her big brother would stay still long enough so she could swing.

feb 2011





Every time you pull out the camera Allie has started scrunching up her nose.January 20112 




Playing together, seeing this makes it all worth it!!March 2011





In March I , (with the help of others of course!) put on a baby shower for my sister Elizabeth it is so much fun and loved how it turned out