Thursday, June 16, 2011

Too Long…Again!!

Once again I let too long pass and here is a picture overload of updates (how many posts do I start that way???) Some highlights that I don’t have pictures of….Eli is potty trained!!! Woo-hoo!!! Still working on night but after thinking this will NEVER happen he now can go on his own!!! What an amazing feeling to not have to change his diapers and even better not have to buy two sets of diapers.

Troy and I had our anniversary on the 12th-5 years!! Time really does go by way to fast.

Allie is trying to walk. She can stand up on her own and has taken 10+ steps but every time I try to video tape her she sits down!! I am even trying to be sneaky…what can I say this little girl is smart!!!


April 2011

What an amazing experience it was to be able to attend the Atlanta Temple Open House. Even though Eli was well a 2 year old most of the time I think that he even felt the strong spirit that can only be felt at the temple.


April 27th was a very big day here in the South. But before all the bad weather hit my sister Elizabeth and her husband Chris,  welcomed their new little boy, Owen Christian Forscutt….such a cutie!!


It is crazy to think this is where Troy and I used to live less than 2 years ago. Cherokee Valley got hit hard. Ringgold got hit hard. I know everybody has heard stories and seen lots of pictures by now. For me the hardest thing is realizing how long it takes to get things back to “normal".” Where we live now the tornado hit about a quarter of the mile down the road. Everyday as I drive down the street and see the many buildings and houses that are still waiting to be repaired or rebuilt I can not help but feel an overwhelming since of gratitude for my families’ safety.


Yes he is still addicted to anything and everything Buzz Lightyear!!



Troy Graduated!!!!

Troy’s parents and brother, Sean, came into town. It was a lot of fun being able to visit with everybody and even more fun being able to watch Troy graduate. He is still looking for a job so if anyone knows someone looking to hire a recent accounting graduate let us know.

Oh funny little story about Eli. He LOVES balloons so we brought Troy some for Eli could give him. The whole ceremony they were fine and then as they were closing some how the weight came off of them and up they went. This is the third time he has witnessed balloons get away and like those times this was no exception….he completely lost it. Finally he recovered and then just yesterday Troy was popping some balloons we had for Allie’s birthday and he acted as if we were killing his best friends. Moral of the story please DO NOT pop or let go of a balloon around Eli!!!

May 2011


After the tornado many many days and hours were spent helping with clean-up. I was so grateful to be able to go out one day and help clear trees. If you ever need a pick me up go and serve. Actually just go and serve it is amazing the feelings that come from it.

May 20111

We went to a Lookouts game to watch my sister Shannon sing (well she was supposed to sing…long story)  the national anthem (she did run on the field with the rest of the school chorus) It was Allie’s first baseball game. And yes it was a little chilly! Now is is Hot! Hot! Hot!!

May 20112

Mathew got married!!! My camera died before I could get any pictures of the him and Victoria. I know way poor planning on my part. I know others got some good shots so hopefully I can get some soon. Her dress was beautiful! The whole day was beautiful!! I still can’t believe little Mathew-bud is married!!!

June 2011

And a lot of playing!!! I am starting to appreciate that Eli and Allie are close in age. Those two are definitely brother and sister as in they love each other but also know how to push each other’s buttons. Right now one of my favorite things in the world is to hear them playing and laughing together in the other room.

I do have more to update…mainly Allie’s birthday. (I can’t believe she is a year old!!!) but wanted to make that its own post, this one is probably too long already…sorry!!

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